We build on traditions and want to create tradition as well

Let’s take a country in the middle of Europe with the oldest inhabited area. Add the forests of Bükk and Zemplén and the lands of Tokaj and Tisza. Sprinkle richly with creative people whom notice the opportunities given by the surroundings and whose brave enough to use it in their advance.  There also could be some more innovative spirit, a hint of rebellious inclination and courage to experiment. This is how we cook. 

Dűlő is giving the whole space for small providers’s goods, because of ur goal of having the dominant character of the gastronomy of the world in the ingredients of Hungarian cuisine, not in its dusty recipes.
We don't have a hard time, as hundreds of primary producers and artisanal wineries add colors to the life of an originally also not too black and white region.
Working closely with them, we bring you the experience that the flavors of the countryside nurture and the city boils together with us in the Dűlő!